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100% Pure Pine Oil from Pinus Sylvestris. Can be used topically or aromatically. You can apply to your skin or diffuse in the air. You can add to a carrier oil like Young Living’s v-6 massage oil, or to coconut oil and add to the bath or massage into your skin. The aroma is grounding and provides respiratory support.

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Get a 15ml bottle of 100% Pure Pine Oil from Pinus Sylvestris.
Pinus sylvestris, Scots pine, Scotch pine, European red pine, or Baltic pine is a species of tree in the pine family Pinaceae that is native to Eurasia, ranging from Western Europe to Eastern Siberia, south to the Caucasus Mountains and Anatolia, and north to well inside the Arctic Circle in Fennoscandia. In the north of its range, it occurs from sea level to 1,000 m, while in the south of its range it is a mountain tree, growing at 1,200–2,600 m altitude. It is readily identified by its combination of fairly short, blue-green leaves and orange-red bark.
Pine oil supports a healthy metabolism and supports healthy inflammatory process.
Furthermore, pine essential oil can remove lice from the hair, and is widely used as a bath oil. It is used to support a healthy respiratory tract and may help open up the alveoli in the lungs when needing to get more air.
It creates an energized feeling and is effective for removing mental stress from any number of sources. It is also used medicinally for removing adrenal fatigue and refreshing your spirits since it is an excellent mood elevator. Getting regularly massaged with pine essential oil can give you mental clarity, and it relieves nervous tension. Finally, it has been shown to be quite useful for people suffering from weakened concentration and memory loss. Although additional research is needed in this area, it has been traditionally used for this purpose in many cultures.
Pine oil is also used to support seasonal discomforts. You can diffuse it in your room or apply topically to your skin (try the inside of your wrists or the back of your neck) to help your reaction to seasonal irritants.
Pine oil also has antioxidants and can be used to soothe irritated muscles.

It is not known for sure, but some some studies suggests that pine oil may inhibit blood coagulation and RNA replication due to the Suramin that is derived from it. We cannot speak to how much Suramin is found in this pine oil, but we can speak to the purity of Young Living’s process and attest that nothing is added to the oil. It is 100% pure Scots Pine oil steam distilled from the tree.

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