10 Ways to Naturally Support Your Immune System

10 Ways to Naturally Support Your Immune System!

Free 20 minute long webinar/class taught by natural health researcher, Wendy Ruth.


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Welcome to Flax Lignan Health! We are an organization (with a store) that educates and sells highly researched natural health products to support several worthy non-profit organizations that work with undernourished kids in 3rd world countries! Our researchers look deeply into the effectiveness and purity and offer alternative solutions from the natural health world to support your own health journey!

The following products were featured in the video.

Flax Hull Lignans

Ocean Cleanse

Clearly Filtered Water Pitchers

Essentialzyme Enzymes

Clary Sage and Lavender Essential Oil

Diffusers for essential oils


These and many more natural health products are available to support your health. Have a look around our website and call us if you have any questions! Our customer service number is 817-710-6918. You can email us at info@flaxlignanhealth.com.


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