Flax Hull Lignans to Keep My Football Guys Healthy

By Wendy Selvig, 46 year old mom of 3 boys

I’m a mom of 3 football playing boys. This last week they all headed back to school and back to football practice every day. If you thought you were busy, try on 13 practices and 3-5 games a week! That’s my schedule. I actually am semi-living in my mini-van. I spend 4-5 hours a day in it getting everyone where they need to go and fed and hydrated. I keep a cooler bag full of electrolyte drinks as well. I’ve learned how to do this football mom thing and my number one priority is keeping everyone happy and healthy!

Once practice started last week, it was apparent that I needed to beef up my lunch game because these boys are hungry! So I started making “sandwiches with substance” and they are so happy with them! Basically, it’s a turkey, ham and salami sandwich on Italian bread with cheese and mayo and Flax Hull Lignans. They KNOW I put the Flax Lignans on it and they don’t care because they can’t taste them. But I also explain to them how the FHL supports their immune systems and will help them to not be sick for practices or upcoming games. They are all in for that!

As far as bread goes, my usual choice for my boys is sprouted grain bread. They get that several times a week too. It is better for them overall because if bread is made out of unsprouted grain, it typically blocks your uptake of minerals, which is bad long term. My favorite bread is “Dave’s Killer Bread” and I get the Sprouted Whole Grains when I use that.

No matter what bread I use, the sandwiches always have Flax Hull Lignans on them and have had for years. My boys are the healthiest kids around too. They haven’t been to the doctor for an illness in probably 6-7 years (since we started regularly using the FHL)! I LOVE this product and we have it in our diet every single week!

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