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About Flax Lignan Health

Flax Lignan Health is an online health supplement supplier that has passion and purpose for helping people build healthy and strong immune systems. We are passionate about finding the best immune system building products that are all natural. We also donate a large portion of our profits to organizations who work with and supply food and immune supporting supplements to orphans in 3rd world countries.

About Flax and Our Company

Flaxseed has been in the human food system for thousands of years. It is thought that flaxseed is one of the first crops ever consumed by human beings. Before 5000 BC, Egyptians were known to treat illnesses with flaxseed. In some of his writings, Hippocrates stated flaxseed was used for the relief of abdominal pains. During the eighth century, King Charlemagne passed laws requiring his subjects to consume flaxseed to ensure their good health. In more recent times, science has been able to look at the intricacies of the flax seed and see why it’s so good for us.

Flax seed is known for it’s oil (ALA, which is an Omega 3 that converts in the human gut into DHA and EPA) which is polyunsaturated. Mammals cannot synthesize Omega 3 fatty acids, but have a limited ability to form the “long-chain” n−3 fatty acids EPA (20-carbon atoms) and DHA (22-carbon atoms) from the “short-chain” eighteen-carbon n−3 fatty acid ALA. So if you are going to ingest Omega 3’s, ALA is the one to choose. Flax seed is also known for it’s lignans. Here is a link to Wikipedia’s entry about lignans for more scientific information.

There often is confusion about where the lignans come from. Lignans are not actually found in flax seed, they are found in the “hull” or the shell of the flax seed. If you go to the store and buy the little brown seeds, you will not get lignans. You must buy the flax seeds still in the shell if you intend on grinding them yourself to get some lignans in your diet. The problem with grinding your own flax to get lignans is the amount you are getting. By using the method of grinding your own flax, you are only getting a trace of the lignans in your system. It is suggested by research that you would need to consume at least several cups of ground flax a day to get immune boosting effects.That is why we are so excited about flax hull lignans. Using a heavily guarded proprietary cold process called the “MCP Process”, we are able to extract the lignans and concentrate them so that a teaspoon of our flax lignans is equivalent to several gallons of whole ground flax seed. This is the absolute best way to extract lignans, as it leaves the enzymes intact (qualifying the lignans as live food), and there are no chemicals used so no worrisome residues! Also, chemically extracted lignan companies focus on one specific lignan called SDG. That lignan is powerful but scientists at the University of North Dakota are reporting that it is the working together of all 17 lignans in the flax seed that gives such a powerful immune boosting effect. Our lignans have all 17!

Research has shown that Flax Hull Lignans are highly beneficial to the human body. Flax Lignans help boost your immune system and help you tackle many types of health challenges. We wish we could list everything that they do for you, but legally we are limited as to what claims we can make about the health benefits of flax lignans. The research is out there if you will look. We like to point people to the non-profit website, www.new-flh.cyberbasement.com, where they are researching the effects of flax lignans on the immunity of people suffering from HIV.

In the U.S., scientists have known for well over 30 years that the lignans found in flax seed have immune boosting properties. The problem in the past has been how to concentrate them enough to do anyone any good. The problem with concentration came with the flax turning rancid whenever concentration was attempted. The heat in the extraction process activated the oils in the flax and turned it rancid. Some companies learned to extract the lignans from the shell of the flax seed chemically. This unfortunately isn’t a great way to extract them as it kills the enzymes and there is concern about chemical residues left over in the lignans themselves. Our company has a specially guarded process of cold milling extraction and 1 teaspoon of Flax Hull Lignans is equivalent to 2 gallons of ground whole flax seed in lignans!

To all of you, from all of us at FlaxLignanHealth.com- Thank you and here’s to our health!

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