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the flax Lignans product that I purchase from this company are the best Powdered Lignans on the market and have an exceptionally good price as well. Their Service and shipping is always efficient and timely.

Dorian Allen Avatar Dorian Allen
April 25, 2022

This company is ethical and has great products especially Flax Lignans, a product that has maintained my immune system for years. In fact, my research has shown that they have the most potent and pure flax lignans product. I would highly recommend the company to anyone wanting a healthier life.

Philip McGovern Avatar Philip McGovern
April 25, 2022

My son and son in law were both force vaccinated in the military, they felt awful for days after the vaccination. They both started taking AFTERSHOT Zeolite and said it made them both feel so much better.

Sabrena Guttman Avatar Sabrena Guttman
April 18, 2022

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