Clary Sage Essential Oil for deep sleep & hormones


This large 15ml bottle of Clary Sage holds 300+ drops of essential oil. Diffusing at night only takes 5-7 drops, so this bottle could last you quite awhile. You can also apply a few drops on your wrist topically, or a drop or two on a diffuser necklace to keep the scent near your face for hours.

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The clary sage plant has a long past as a medicinal herb. A perennial, it is in the genus Salvi. It’s scientific name is salvia sclarea. It has been historically used for many purposes for men and women alike.

For women specifically, it is known to balance out hormones. It doesn’t have any hormones in it, but it encourages your body to make more estrogen if you are lacking. If you have too much, it isn’t going to encourage you to make more… it encourages balance. It is historically used to ease and reduce menstrual cramping and hot flashes, and to balance out emotions that may be out of whack due to the normal menstrual cycle or hormonal imbalance.

For men and women alike, Clary Sage has been used to enhance deep sleep. It is said to possibly reduce the times you enter and exit deep sleep during the night, possibly keeping you in a deeper sleep for longer extended periods of time. To try this, you would put 5-7 drops in an essential oil diffuser and turn it on to diffuse by your bedside at night while you sleep.

It has an earthy, weedy smell. It isn’t bad, but you might consider adding a few drops of Lavender (which also is a relaxant and helps you sleep), to improve the scent and enhance the effect.

Clary Sage has also historically been used to support your body’s inflammatory processes, increase circulation and support the digestive system. It may support your eye health and also the healthy replication of your DNA.

Clary sage is a nervous system support and considered a nerve tonic. It also supports your immune system and it’s ability to fight off infections and fungus. It discourages spasms and has astringent like properties. It also supports happier moods.

Clary Sage is a really helpful essential oil. You can apply it topically to your skin (as long as it’s Young Living brand) or you can diffuse it in the air to breathe in aromatherapy applications. We recommend getting a diffuser and diffusing it at night so that you can sleep and gain the benefits.

The Clary Sage Bloom

The Clary Sage Plant

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