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Your donation will be combined with others towards donating flax hull lignans to kids in South Africa and Swaziland.

We’ve been doing this for years, it’s really making a difference! We’re in over 30 clinics and orphanages now in 3rd world nations!

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Every little bit helps, and when enough people give just a little, it amounts to a big change in the life of an orphan. Your $1 will go to send flax lignans to kids in South Africa and Swaziland who are using flax lignans to boost their immune systems and maintain good health. Every little bit makes a difference! Thanks for your help!

How are we able to do this for $1? The manufacturer donates and gives massive bulk rates as well and your donation pairs with the discount and donation and we are able to make the difference in a child’s life with your $1 donation!

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