Xylitol Real Birch Natural Sweetener – Birch is best, not corn!


Health Garden Xylitol from Birch. Naturally wonderful, naturally good. Made in the USA.


This is a 1lb bag.

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Xylitol is naturally wonderful when it comes from the Birch tree. Other forms of Xylitol come from corn, which is concerning in the USA for multiple reasons, especially the GMO nature of most corn. This Xylitol comes from the birch tree.

Xylitol is one of the most popular natural sweeteners and can be used in virtually all recipes in lieu of sugar. Health Garden travels the globe to find the sweetest, purest Xylitol plant sources to ensure balanced taste and texture in every sweet spoonful.

This calorie-free, low-glycemic blend is a perfect sugar substitute for everyone, including diabetics and allergy sufferers. Health Garden Xylitol contains no corn and is not  from China.

This is a 1lb bag.

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