Women’s Hormone Balancing Kit


Get rid of cramps, moodiness, and hot flashes with natural progesterone and Clary Sage. Young Living products are formulated to balance your hormones naturally!

Join the 90-Day Hormone Reset Challenge, based on advice from Dr. Dan Purser, a women’s doctor in Utah who also formulates products for the company Young Living. He formulated Progessence Plus, a natural progesterone serum from wild yam. He says that Progessence will reduce your risk of breast cancer by more than 30%. He also says that 95% of all women can balance their hormones with about 8 drops of Progessence Plus a day and 8 drops of Clary Sage a day (applied in various places topically).

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For the second month, you need Progessence Plus and PD 80/20.

For the third month you need Progessence Plus, PD 80/20 and Lemon Vitality again. If you are going to order directly from Young Living, we suggest getting on their Loyalty Rewards program to get an additional 10% back in “cash points” to use to purchase more products after the first 3 month program. Email us at info@flaxlignanhealth.com if you have any questions! It’s an amazing hormone balancing protocol!!!



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This kit is a wonderful solution to hot flashes, cramps, and moodiness. It includes a 15ml bottle of Clary Sage, a 15ml bottle of Progessence Plus, and a 5ml bottle of Lemon Vitality essential oil (labeled for internal consumption).

Recommended by Dr. Dan Purser (a medical doctor who specializes in hormones), you apply 8 drops a day of Progessence Plus (a natural plant-based progesterone) and 8 drops a day of Clary Sage to your skin. Clary Sage balances estrogen and the Progessence Plus balances all your other hormones. You may be coming from severe progesterone deficiency, so give yourself 3-4 months to see major cycle changes balanced out for things like hot flashes and heavy periods.

The lemon vitality essential oil is to add a few drops to your water (or under your tongue) daily to help support the liver as you balance out your hormones. The liver is responsible for hormone production and this helps reduce stress and supports detoxification of the liver.

You will see changes almost immediately with moodiness and cramping. Dr. Purser says that no woman should have to endure cramps or moodiness because they are definitely from a progesterone deficiency.

While balancing out, if you experience deep moods or cramping, add 8 drops to your wrist of Progessence Plus every 15 minutes until the symptoms subside. They will go away, you just have to figure out how much you need. If you have questions, email Wendy@flaxlignanhealth.com.


There are two purchasing options. You can purchase this kit from us by adding this to your cart and checking out on this website, or you can order directly from Young Living (CLICK HERE) and you will also get a year-long wholesale membership to Young Living with your purchase. Once you click on this link, search for the following items and add them to your cart. Total must be 100pv/$100 to get the YL membership.


Progessence Plus

Clary Sage (15ml)

Lemon Vitality (5ml)


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