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Fixed Filtered Shower Head

Clearly Filtered

Chrome 7 setting filtered Shower Head removes Chlorine, Odors, Dirt and Sediment for healthier and smoother hair and skin. Stop inhaling harmful chlorine while showering! Get a ClearlyFiltered shower head and enjoy clean, refreshing showers without the contaminants & chemicals. Wide temperature operating range. Up to 95% removal of Chlorine….

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Did you know that you can absorb up to 8 glasses of water through the skin during a quick 10 minute shower? Soaking up water like this can be dangerous because the chemicals in the water (like chlorine) go directly into your bloodstream. Technically, this would mean you absorb 6 times more chlorine per glass while showering than if you drink the water.

Research presented at the American Chemical Society in 1986 demonstrated that showering leads to greater exposure to toxic chemicals in tap water than drinking the water does.

The dangers and risks of chlorine exposure are serious and can cause:

Irritation of the eyes, sinuses, throat, and skin, aggravation of the lungs and excessive free radical formation, which results in accelerated aging.  You also can experience hardened arteries, difficulty metabolizing cholesterol, have a higher vulnerability to genetic mutation, and be at risk for developing cancer. Chlorine is not something to mess around with and yet the public drinks and showers with it every day.

The most current findings from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicate that virtually every home in America has a detectable level in the air of chloroform gas — a derivative of chlorine and a known carcinogen — and the cause is due to chlorine and showering.

Now we are not going to tell you to stop taking showers! That could cause plenty of problems including social isolation… (kidding, not kidding.)

The dangers of exposure to chlorine from showering is recognized by many doctors, including Dr. John Andelman, Ph.D., and Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ph.D.

New studies show that chlorine inhalation and skin exposure intake are even higher than drinking. One of the most prevalent forms of chlorine taken in through inhalation is chloroform. Remember, chloroform is a carcinogen, and it’s also linked to excessive free radical formation, cell mutation, and the oxidation of cholesterol.

Dr. Mercola explains it this way: “When we inhale chloroform, it goes directly into our bloodstreams without any kind of preliminary detoxification. Your body is like a sponge for these airborne toxins every second you spend in the shower,” says Mercola.

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