The Difference Between Flax Lignan Brands

flax hull lignans - what is the difference in brands
Jun 03,2024


The Difference in Flax Hull Lignan Brands


We are often asked what makes Flax Lignan Health lignans stand out from others on the market. We’d like to address some of those facts here on our website. Not all flax lignans are alike, we’d like to point out the differences.

  1. Our company started the whole “flax lignan” craze over twenty years ago. We sponsored a non-profit organization to do trials in the USA and Africa on people with all kinds of illnesses. Those trials only used our brand of flax hull lignans. If you are looking for those kinds of results, ours are the ones that produced them.
  2. Be very aware of the SDG amount in any container of flax hull lignans. The lignans have to have a minimum of 150mg SDG per serving. Ours have a minimum of 150mg and our batches sometimes go up to 300mg SDG per serving. This is very concentrated!
  3. There was a popular brand (only because they were cheap) on the market for a few years. We found out they were selling animal-grade lignans and the SDG amount wasn’t even a tenth of what is in our lignans. But they were the cheapest and they were pushing them on Amazon and in Costco. They didn’t report the SDG in mg, but in some other strange measurement that was hard for the average person to figure out. They were cheaper, but you were not getting the amount of lignans that amount to what is used in the non-profit studies – not even close.
  4. Any lignans in liquid form is a no-go. Liquid lignans have been extracted chemically (leaving chemical residues) or created synthetically in a lab. It is apples to oranges and can’t even be compared. When our mechanically extracted lignans were tested, even though SDG is the “known” popular lignan – there are at least 17 different lignans in flax and scientists believe it is the synergistic working together of all 17 that supports your immune system. Chemically extracted lignans are isolated without any of the other 16.
  5. Also, watch for “serving sizes” and “recommended and suggested” uses. Some companies will have like 80mg of SDG per serving but tell you that you need 4 -6 scoops for your body weight. On the front of the container, it looks like you have 60 servings, when in reality you have 15 days worth – making the jar much more expensive than it appears.


There is only one farm in North Dakota that makes the true and original flax hull lignans, and that farm (mostly) burned down in 2024. Thankfully one of the machines survived and until they can rebuild everything (a good 2-year projection), there is a very limited supply of the real stuff out on the market. Thank you for your patience with our ability to keep it in stock and we are all so thankful the last machine didn’t burn up… Or we’d all be out for a long time.

We are a small farm company. Thank you for purchasing and your loyalty!

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