The Story of Dreamz Sleep Supplement

Feb 12,2021

Over the years we have had requests from customers for a really good natural sleep supplement. We’ve looked into other company’s products and honestly there are so many ingredients that can help support a good night sleep. The problem is that melatonin works for some people but not for others. L-Tryptophan does the same. We had a hard time deciding which products to promote and so we finally consulted with some professional formulators and came up with our own special blend. We are excited about Dreamz because it has all 6 of the major natural sleep supplement ingredients that are well known for supporting a good night’s sleep.

So far each customer that has tried it has said that it has increased their dreaming. Several people have said that they slept better the first night, and we’ve also heard that it can take a few days before the actual sleep quality has improved… but so far every customer has said that they have slept sounder and better after taking just one DREAMZ before bed!

We would love to hear from you. If you have tried DREAMZ and had good sleep, or if it doesn’t work for you we want to know that too. Please feel free to write us and let us know how your body worked with DREAMZ. Our email address is:  Find the product at


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