Silver Hydrosol pH Balanced – 16 ounce bottle


We’re really excited about this new product!
Triple Strength – 30ppm Solution – 16 ounce bottle
 My Doctor Suggests pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol is the latest in silver supplementation. Clinically tested to be as effective or more effective than other Silver solutions, MyDoctorSuggests pH Balanced Hydrosol is the next generation in silver supplement technology. 
This solution is triple the strength of our normal solution. It contains 30ppm Silver Hydrosol, and is pH balanced to optimize your body’s absorption and increase potential benefits to your body systems, all while leaving your body in it’s naturally balanced state. 
Therapeutic grade.
INCLUDED INGREDIENTS: citric acid and sodium bicarbonate

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pH Balanced Silver Sol is EPA Approved

Try EPA Approved pH balanced Silver Sol for all of your bacterial concerns. We are so excited to be able to offer you this product. The EPA has given this and only this form of silver technology “non-toxic” status. It is a safe internal disinfectant – anti microbial agent. It does everything you find in a good colloidal silver but more.

It’s classified as a totally different silver entity (according to US patent office) because it is safe. Called “Silver Water Dispersion” – A stable dispersion of solids in liquids. The solids can maintain a magnetic field. This means they are so tiny that they are smaller than the water particles so they keep their charge in the water. They are “nano particles”. Size is .005-.015 micrometers. They are patent protected under the following title “treatment of humans with colloidal silver composition consisting of a colorless composition comprising silver particles and water”- wherein said particles comprise an interior of elemental silver and an exterior of ionic silver oxide. Wherein the silver particles are present in the water at a level of 5 to 40 parts per million and manifests significant antimicrobial properties. Patent #7,135,195

Silver Sol is Non-Toxic

What this means is that Elemental silver is used as the core silver nano particle and has a silver oxide coating which maintains a charged silver coat that has antimicrobial properties, and it passes through the body and is metabolized. The definition of non-toxic is something that does not produce toxic metabolites. So silver nano-particles go in and come out unchanged…for this reason it produces no dangerous metabolites.

There are 8 different toxicology studies that demonstrate the safety of this silver. Even one that shows it doesn’t damage the good bacteria in the intestines.

The new silver engineered super charged nano-particles passes through the organs of excretion in a disinfecting way. This is important because silver cleanses the organs that cleanse the body and is a welcome change for the bladder, kidneys and other organs of excretion that are bathed in toxic waste.

Silver Sol Doesn’t Accumulate in Your Body Like Other Colloidal Silvers

The name colloidal silver still applies to this technology, but there is so much more to pH balanced Silver Sol. If you drank this solution every day, it would take 258 years to accumulate in your body.
According to US Patent claim #10, Silver Sol is good to be used for malaria, fungal infections of the skin, bacterial infections of the skin, vaginal infections, tonsillitis, UTI’s, pelvic inflammatory disease, otitis, respiratory infections…any oraface of the body that may have a bacterial infection may be helped by using this orally or topically. (Orally twice a day.

Silver Sol is Approved for First Responders

Silver Sol has been presented to Tom Ridge (Secretary of Homeland Security) by Senator Orin Hatch for use as a first responder against bioterrorism and pandemics and is a First Responder product to be used against bio-terrorism, and infectious disease pandemics.
This is different than the old colloidal silver and has been demonstrated to be different technology. Safer than colloidal silver. The process uses elemental pure silver (not 98% or 97% pure)…

Silver Sol has Catalytic Capabilities

Common ionic silver can neutralize one bacteria….Silver Sol has catalytic capabilities, meaning it neutralizes one, but then neutralizes the next and the next and the next one. It recharges itself to neutralize without limit. Because of this, common ionic or colloidal has to have HIGH concentrations. Silver Sol can be low concentration because it works without limit. Levels so low you can drink it. Even at doses 200x the adult dose, it is safe to consume.
A person can safely take .005 kilogram per day every day for 72 years and not accumulate silver. This means you could safely drink 1 oz of this new silver every day for the rest of your life, and if none of it ever left your body you still wouldn’t accumulate silver in an adverse amount. Because it has anti-microbial properties, it is an internal disinfectant. Patents are not medical approvals, but in order to get a patent, the claims must be proven.
In 1924 Colloidal Silver was patented and then 17 years later became public domain. The new silver sole technology is different. Nov 2006 – proven to be different and EPA has proven it to be non-toxic.
Doctors in 80 publications are credible. The US Patent Office is thorough and honest. The EPA is indesputable. FDA guidelines are conservative and just. General Carlton wrote a letter. Orin Hatch, and Dr. Rustin Roy – best material scientist in the world. All calling for you to feel the vibration of truth. The resonance of a new silver solution.

A lot of Research has been done on Silver Sol

Over 180 scientific studies conducted at independent facilities like universities, hospitals, research institutions, and nursing homes have been published in medical journals, newsletters, and textbooks. Most of this research is widely available.

Numerous tests at major universities , governmental, and commercial labs like National Institute of Health Virology Labs, Illinois Institute of Technology, Viridis Biopharma, Pennsylvania State University, University of Puerto Rico, Arizona State University, University California Davis, Kansas State, University of Utah, Utah State University, Central Utah Water, CRA Labs, Brigham Young University, University of Wisconsin have proven the effectiveness of the product.

And if you want more information on Silver Sol, you can visit this research website.
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