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How To Brew Crio Brü:


Crio Brü can be prepared any way that traditional coffee is prepared. This opens up endless possibilities as you enjoy this artisan roasted cocoa. You can drink Crio Brü “black” with nothing added or you can experiment by adding your favorite creamer, sweetener and spices. A dash of cinnamon, for example, is delicious in Cavalla. Crio Brü can be mixed with your favorite coffee grounds to make an incredible Crio Mocha. You can brew it in a standard auto-drip machine with a permanent filter or in a French Press. To brew a thicker and richer Crio Brü, think hotter and longer. Set your auto-drip to brew slowly or brew it longer in a French Press.

*Note: If you try to brew Crio Brü in an automatic drip machine without a permanent filter, you might have overflow. The grounds are lighter than coffee and tend to float. We have had people report that they can brew a very small amount in an automatic drip, but the results are much better in a French Press or a permanent filtered auto drip.