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FHL Capsules

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Better Than Organic Flax Hull Lignans capsules - Sold in a 2 jar pack. Each jar contains 90 capsules. 180 count - 1 month supply. Available only in organic.
Why "Better Than Organic"? Because the government owns the word "Organic" now and anything certified organic MAY include GMO's. We are re-certifying our organic product as "Ancient Seeds and Grains" which includes all past Organic standards but does not allow GMO's.

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AVAILABLE IN "Better than" ORGANIC ONLY. These capsules provide the same benefits as our regular jar of flax hull lignans only now they are available in capsule form! Encapsulating the lignans is very expensive and causes the price to go up. If you want to save money we recommending buying the powdered version. Capsules are available only in organic FHL. Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans are much better than your average whole ground flax! Lignans are phytonutrients that are widely distributed in the plant kingdom. They can be found in most unrefined grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Flaxseed has been recognized as the richest source of dietary plant lignans and contains from 75 to 800 times more than any other plant source, and they are well known in studies to boost immunity. Whole ground flax naturally has a small amount of lignans in it because it includes the shell of the flaxseed, and the shell is where the lignans are. However, you'd still need to consume 2 gallons of whole ground flax seed a day to get the immunity boosting power in 1.5 teaspoons (6 capsules) of these concentrated Flax Hull Lignans! Using a special process, the lignans are extracted from the shell of the flax seed and concentrated into powder form. There is no seed in this product, only lignans from the shell. Each 6 capsule sized serving has from 150-300 mg of SDG (the dominant lignan) as well as all of the other lignans in the flax seed shell. Sold in a 2 jar pack. Two jars that contain 90 capsules each will provide a 1 month supply. *Our lignans contain the FULL SPECTRUM of 17 lignans that are used in the studies. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, chemically extracted single lignan products that only extract SDG. These chemically extracted lignans are dead, as their enzymes have been killed (unlike our Flax Hull Lignans!). Chemical residues are also something to be concered about with chemically extracted lignans. Don't be fooled by imitations!

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