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Disaster Prep

Disaster Prep

As interest grows, we will provide the best disaster preparation products we can find. The future is uncertain, a little preparation is a good idea in days where terrorists threaten and nuclear plants melt down!

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  1. Silver Hydrosol pH Balanced  - 16 ounce bottle

    Silver Hydrosol pH Balanced - 16 ounce bottle

    We're really excited about this new product!
    Triple Strength - 30ppm Solution - 16 ounce bottle

     My Doctor Suggests pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol is the latest in silver supplementation. Clinically tested to be as effective or more effective than other Silver solutions, MyDoctorSuggests pH Balanced Hydrosol is the next generation in silver supplement technology. 
    This solution is triple the strength of our normal solution. It contains 30ppm Silver Hydrosol, and is pH balanced to optimize your body's absorption and increase potential benefits to your body systems, all while leaving your body in it's naturally balanced state. 
    Therapeutic grade.

    INCLUDED INGREDIENTS: citric acid and sodium bicarbonate
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  2. Anti Radiation Kit: Ocean Cleanse, Flax Lignans, Potassium Iodide

    Anti-Radiation Kit

    Support your body during a radiation exposure with an Anti-Radiation Kit. One Anti-Radiation Kit contains 1 jar of Flax Hull Lignans, 1 bottle of Ocean Cleanse, and 1 bottle of Potassium Iodideā€”a retail value of US$80.50. Learn More
  3. Radiation Support Kit

    Radiation Support Kit

    Support your body during a radiation exposing situation. Whether it is X-Ray exposure or a disaster, this kit will support your body's efforts to repair itself. This kit contains two bottles of Ocean Cleanse and 3 jars of Flax Hull Lignans a retail value of US$169. Learn More

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  4. Ultra Liquid Zeolite

    Ultra Liquid Zeolite - Remove Toxins

    We USE ONLY the purest Clinoptilolite zeolite which has been Purified, Micronized and Cleansed. We utilize a micronization, cleansing & pasteurization process to assure a 100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE liquid zeolite product! This is a 1 oz bottle and the suggested use is 13 drops a day, taken in water. Learn More
  5. Ocean Cleanse - brown seaweed -Radiation Product

    Ocean Cleanse - brown seaweed -Radiation Product

    OCEAN CLEANSE is a concentrated extract from the richest type of Brown Seaweed. It is used to help detoxify heavy metals and radioactive elements as well as increase energy and boost the immune system. Originally developed to help Chernobyl victims. 90 Capsules per bottle. Learn More
  6. Potassium Iodide for Radiation Emergencies

    Potassium Iodide for Emergency Preparation

    60 tabs per bottle. 32.5mg per tab. Buy a bottle of potassium iodide pills to be used in nuclear disaster. Terrorist threats, nuclear meltdowns....there are many possibilities of being exposed. When there is a disaster, there is always a run on potassium iodide. Get it now and keep in a safe place. Always a good idea to have on hand. Learn More
  7. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Removes Fluoride!

    Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher - Removes Fluoride-Retains Minerals!

    This is the ONLY water pitcher/filter we know of that removes fluoride! Tests have also proven that though it removes the chemicals, this filter leaves the minerals in your water!

    Many people distill their water but then add minerals back in. With this pitcher, you won't have to!

    It removes all the toxins your basic Britta or Pure filter will remove and much more. It removes chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, and heavy metals but leaves important natural minerals behind.  Using the most advanced filtration technology available, Clearly Filtered brings you a filtered pitcher you can put in the fridge!  Filters last for up to 200 gallons, approx. 300 fill ups. The pitcher is made from 100% BPA free, non-leaching Tritan plastic.

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  8. Replacement Filter for Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

    Clearly Filtered Water Filter - Replacement Filter for Pitcher

    This is the replacement filter for the Clearly Filtered water pitcher. This filter filters out fluoride, chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals and is good for filtering 200 gallons (300 fill ups) of water. Learn More

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